How to be a Sound Engineer

A sound Engineer is an audio engineer, someone who sits in the back of the room and listens to the music and the sound that happens when someone performed. Sound engineers are needed to adjust volume and run the show.

First, to be a sound Engineer, you need to watch one work. Depending on what a sound engineer is working on, the machines and rules can be different. If you want to be a sound engineer for a film or for a television show, then the process is different than managing the volume of a play or a live studio.

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So, have an idea of the type of sound engineer you want to be, and then reach out to see if any type of engineer is nearby. Reach out and communicate with an engineer and then meet with them while they work. Watch what they do, and what they fiddle with when things happen.

Ask questions about how they work and if you can help out once the show is finished. Every machine and every knob twist means something and ask about them. Many sound engineers will enjoy talking about what they do and some might even take you as a mentee.

Finally, learn about sound equipment and everything needed in the work of sound equipment. Taking theater programs, recording engineer classes about sound and other degrees in the industry will allow you to have more knowledge about being a sound engineer. 

Be flexible, take your time, and be patient. Being an engineer means that you’ll have to work up in the ranks, and it will take time to understand and handle the machines and the workload. However, once you know how to handle the machines, you’ll be able to be a sound engineer anywhere.